Timp-Hitch Double Hammock Suspension Kit


For Vertex Ultra and VX Ultra hammocks made after August 2017.


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This system if for double hammocks made after August 2017 (called “Ultra” models). If you have a Clark double hammock from before September 2017, locate the matching system in our accessory section.

The Timp-Hitch system includes:

  • The highest grade Spectra slings (4 included).  The Spectra slings are made to specifications to hold at least 2000 lbs.  Adjust their length from 2 feet to 6 feet (0.6 to 1.82 m) which should reach trees up to 19 feet (5.8 m) apart.  These 16-thread lines are a size sometimes called  “sub 3/16 inch.”
  • The Timp-Hitch attachment point (4 included).   You will insert the aluminum Timp-Hitch directly in the sleeves of your Clark hammock to create an easy attachment point for the adjustable Spectra slings.
  • Tree protection straps (3 included) have a 2-inch width that is required in many areas.

The size and shape of the Timp-Hitch spread the bed fabric evenly (unlike thin continuous loops and small diameter lines).  The Timp-Hitch also provides an excellent drip-point and two ways to easily hook on your Spectra slings.

This double hammock suspension system weighs 12.8 oz (364 g).

The system also comes with a new anti-stress strap that connects between the head end Timp-hitches to keep the hammock from becoming stressed if the head-end trees are far apart. You will need to discard the strap that came with your hammock for that purpose since the new strap is a different size.

Note that only three adjustable tree protection straps are included because both foot-end Spectra lines attach to the same tree strap.

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