McNett Seam Sealer


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We recommend this seam sealer for all Clark sil-nylon tarps if sealing becomes necessary.  We do not recommend you use this sealer unless you find a reason to since the tarp should be waterproof under normal use.  It is possible, however, that tugging on the tarp seam over time could widen a needle hole and create a drip.  In that case, this product is perfect for spot-sealing the problem.

Sil-Net™ is a silicone-based seam sealer for all silicone treated fabrics. When applied to seams it will “self-level” creating a smooth sealed seam. Sil Net is the best product to use to create good looking sealed seams such as the rain fly of a Clark Jungle Hammock. Sil Net has only modest repair adhesive qualities (OK for pinholes). Sil Net won’t bond properly to non-siliconized fabrics.

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