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The TX-270 is built to keep you comfortable in harsh, jungle conditions where you plan to sleep above 70°F (21° C).  Get great air circulation, durability and storage options. This is the professional’s choice for the worst jungle environments, well-tested in areas around the world.

  • Jungle Green / Black
    Camo / Black
    Cloud / Dark Gray
    Jungle Green / Black

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3-Season (winterizable)

Packing Weight

2.68 lbs / 1.21 kg (2.95 lbs / 1.33 kg with included full suspension kit)

Packing Size:

16 X 8 X 5 in. / 38 X 20 X 13 cm

Safety/Comfort Weight Limit:

300 lbs / 113 kg

Maximum Weight Limit:

700 lbs / 318 kg

Select Hammock Color

Camo / Black, Cloud / Dark Gray, Jungle Green / Black


The TX-270 is the perfect hammock for warm humid environments where it is critical to stay cool, dry and bug-free.  This model is well-tested in some of the most challenging mosquito environments, including the Amazon rain forest. The TX-270  is the ultimate hammock for Tropical environments.  The bed is very mosquito-resistant, but you can add the optional Z-Net accessory to create an impenetrable mosquito barrier under your hammock bed, keeping the largest, most aggressive mosquitoes several inches away from the bed at all times.

The TX also sets up fast with the included Timp-Hitch suspension system– the finest suspension available.  The Timp-Hitch system comes with the highest grade Spectra slings, Timp-Hitch attachment point (pre-installed on the hammock), and adjustable tree protection straps that make suspending your hammock easier and faster than ever.  This suspension system helps keep you dry by draining off torrential rains.  You will suspend your hammock quickly and get the rest you need.

Flexible poles and our largest bed create a more spacious feeling and an easier set-up than ever before. This model can be fully winterized by zipping in the breathable WeatherShield feature and applying the Clark Z-Liner underquilt insulation system (underquilt sold separately).  The WeatherShield zips around the netting for warmth and privacy, plus extra protection from moisture that could blow under the rain tarp.

The TX-270 is ideal for warm evironments where air circulation is key to comfort. This model is ready to eliminate bugs and moisture while enhancing the air circulation with a netted head end. The bed is a quality, breathable, mosquito-resistant fabric that is Made in USA.

The TX-270 features four pockets underneath for storing boots and gear which are placed on the ends of the hammock so that they do not obstruct cooling breezes. Two of these storage compartments are accessed through interior zippers on each side of the hammock so that you can get to your things without letting in mosquitoes. Two compartments are accessed on the exterior of the hammock so that you can easily store things to access without letting bugs into the hammock. The exterior-access pockets are also equipped with cover flaps to keep Tropical spiders from descending inside. Two small pockets inside the hammock are handy for storing anything from a flashlight to a pistol. The canopy netting and WeatherShield fold into the foot of the hammock when you want nothing in between you and the stars.

The TX-270’s netted head end has a nylon hood that can be zippered shut to seal out the cold.

Breathable WeatherShield zips over netting for warmth and privacy and stores away when not needed; Timp-Hitch suspension system includes 2000 lb. Spectra slings and adjustable tree straps; four large pockets under hammock bed store boots and other gear include flaps to keep out spiders and insects; two interior pockets for small items; most mosquito-resistant bed fabric; full No-See-Um netting has double zippers for highest level of versatility; Netted head end with zippered nylon hood; no-tip design; built-in stuff bag system; flexible poles for roomy interior.

Patent Nos.

  • 8,650,679
  • 8,356,370
  • 5,913,772

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need the Z-Net Accessory?

All Clark beds are mosquito-resistant, and most of the world’s mosquitoes cannot penetrate a Clark bed.  However, there are some areas where mosquitoes are so large and aggressive that more protection is necessary.  The Z-Net attaches with velcro around the edges of the hammock bed and hangs several inches away from the bed to give you the best protection without relying on chemicals. The Z-Net includes  zippered entries on the foot end so that you have access to the exterior pockets of the hammock for storing boots and other gear.

6 reviews for TX with WeatherShield

  1. John H.

    Best purchase yet in my years of Scouting. Slept very well in the TX270 for a week in July and my back felt great every morning! And this Fall I added the underquilt and slept in windy, freezing and snowy conditions a few times and never got cold. Oh, and attaching the underquilt was easy and it made a good air tight seal. I was pleased. The Troop has a lot of Dads using all different hammocks and I was considered one of the best setups.Thanks for building a great product Clark!

  2. Ray Earnhardt

    Have had one of these type of hammocks since 2010 or 11, don’t remember xact, they are great and well worth the money. Mine is the olde military jungle, it has seen very hard use, I kayak rivers and camp, they are great for this,cause after 5 days on the river you just find 2 trees on the bank, no looking for a campsite for tent. been backpacking alot in NC mountains, fashion a underquilt out of old sleeping bag for it and sleeps good in 20 degree weather. This hammock has been in hard use since I got it and shows NO sign of wear, of course I take care of my gear so it will take care of me. Scyatic nerve problem was another reason I bought this hammock cause if set up right it sleeps you flat, I would like to get another one, but this one is still going strong and shows NO sign of failing anytime soon or later so I’ll just keep this one. Thanks Clark for and awsome and very well made and thought out product, Pawtrap

  3. Christopher McKeown

    While I own an older model, prior to the added flexible poles, I haven’t had an experience yet with the Clark that hasn’t made my purchase every bit worth it. I won’t name the other hammock brands I’ve explored but I will say that hands down, my Clark is, and likely will always be, my go to. I’ve had friends and family try it out and go from strong advocates for tents, etc, to going out and purchasing a hammock setup for themselves. When I have the money, I plan to purchase a TX-270 and someday, someday, purchase a Vertex so I can get my wife out in the woods with me!

  4. John G.

    I’ve had a NX-170 for several years that I’ve used on several river trips in the Amazon jungle. It has served me well, but I finally decided to upgrade to the TX-270 to have more space and to have access to the storage pockets below the hammock from inside the hammock. I decided to go with the TX instead of the NX because it has more netting, allowing for more airflow. I live in the Amazon and take trips to remote villages on a regular basis, and so it is essential to have high quality (and comfortable) gear. This hammock exceeds expectations! It is very well designed, extremely comfortable, and durable! My only regret on this purchase is not holding out a little longer to purchase the 360 instead! As much as I love the TX-270, I believe that I’d like the flatter bed of the 360. Either way, you won’t go wrong with whichever Clark hammock you decide to purchase!

  5. Derek Baumgarten

    I’m 58 a side sleeper, have had my TX 270 going on 3 years. Have probably 200 hangs. This is my only hammock, I don’t need another one. Car camping or backpacking it works. Great craftsmanship, and service. You will have a great hammock that will last a long time.

  6. Noah B.

    I love the TX-270. Fantastic hammock in every way

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