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The Flex-360 offers you a flat-feeling position plus extra storage in a small bed beside you.


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    Camo / Black
    Mountain Green

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Flex (flatter sleeping with interior storage)


3-Season (winterizable)

Packing Weight:

3.63 lbs / 1.65 kg (4.06 lbs / 1.85 kg with included full suspension system)

Packing Size:

16 X 7 in. / 41 X 17 cm

Safety/Comfort Weight Limit:

300 lbs / 113 kg (main bed) — 160 lbs / 72 kg (secondary bed)

Maximum Weight Limit:

700 lbs / 318 kg


The Flex-360 offers a patented design that provides a lay flat hammock position plus store heavy gear in a second hammock bed beside you.  Alternatively, you can use the second bed to hold a smaller person (the second bed is best for people under 6 feet and under 160 lbs). Turn to an extreme diagonal position for amazing comfort that allows your feet to be lower than your knees if you wish.  You can even go to ground if necessary. We include the best suspension system available which includes the highest grade Spectra slings, Timp-Hitch attachment

The Flex-360 combines bridge hammock comfort and flatness with the stability of gathered-end hammocks.  You will love the amount of space and the great options for storage.  A flex-rod holds the two hammock beds apart, so heavy gear will hang beside you — not against you.

Deploy quickly and stay dry, bug-free and perfectly comfortable in this American-made system.

When temperatures drop below 60 degrees Farenheit,  you can attach the matching Z-Liner 360 underquilt (sold separately) to each bed to stay warm in temperatures down to 0 degrees F (-17 degrees C).

Timp-Hitch suspension system includes 2000 lb. Spectra slings and tree straps; Ample hammock bed with independent made from mosquito-resistant  fabric; Secondary hammock bed for interior storage or a smaller second occupant; breathable WeatherShield for privacy and extra protection from cold, wind and moisture; two (2) interior storage pockets for small items like phones or water bottles; full No-See-Um netting can be unzipped to foot-end where it stores in a pocket; zippers include double sliders on both sides of the tent hammock; flexible fiberglass poles.



Patent Nos.

  • 8,650,679
  • 8,356,370
  • 5,913,772
  • 7,627,913

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put this hammock on the ground when there are no trees?

The Flex-360 turns into a bivy tent when you stake it down at the three rope connection points.  A Go-To-Ground kit with a sealed ground cloth and stakes is available.

What is the secondary bed used for?

Use the secondary bed for a smaller adult, a child, a dog, a large backpack, fishing/hunting gear, or other items you prefer not to keep out in the cold.   If a person sleeps in the secondary bed, they will be comfortable if they are under 160 lbs and under 6 feet (1.8 m) tall.

Do I need three trees to hang this model?

No. The Flex-360 hangs between two supports.  A flex-rod keeps the two beds apart.

Does each bed need to balance?  

The main Flex-360 hammock bed holds at least 700 lbs.  Because the secondary bed is smaller, it’s best to limit the load to 160 lbs.   The hammock beds do not require balance.  Meaning that it’s okay if one side has a lot more weight in it.

What under quilt can I use for this model?

The Z-Liner 360 is the correct size for each bed of this model.   This liner covers the areas where a solo occupant sleeps, but you can upgrade it to include a underquilt for the smaller secondary bed.

5 reviews for Flex-360

  1. Tom C.

    I have been thrilled with the Flex-360. I can store all of my gear beside me. At first I thought that would make the hammock crowded. The tent is incredibly spacious and the gear in the other bed stays away from my space. I sleep on my back and also on my side. The incredibly flat positions are so comfortable. Thanks Clark. I’ll be back for the underquilt.

  2. Mike Burgess

    Although I already own a 2 person Vertex that I love, it was bigger that I needed for solo trip with me and my dog. When the Flex-360 launch on Kick Starter, I was the first person to put my money down, as this was perfect for my solo trips and I had great faith that Clark would deliver what they promised. I’ve certainly not been disappointed with my purchase and because my partner is a fare bit smaller than me, this will also work when we are truck camping and already have somewhere to throw our gear. The expansion system is simple, lightweight and works and I’m looking forward to spending many hours under the stars in my new hammock. Clark make amazing products that you can sleep flat in and have always been an amazing company to deal with, so I’m happy to give this new hammock the 5 Stars that it deserves.

  3. Brad Chisholm

    Great hammock! I have one of the jungle hammocks but couldn’t fit my gear in it when it rained so I upgraded. This one is very spacious the gear is not laying against you at all and you can sleep on your back or side without a problem.
    This hammock has been snowshoeing canoeing and backpacking with me already
    I’m 6’3” and 300 pounds And this is comfortable

  4. Adam n Bonnie

    Vary amazing..’salaha’ (an honorable pause of silence)…laying in the solo flat position is so nice..1.85 kg may sound heavy but once a person grasps just how spacious it is a featherweight in an elite class of its own…I have a rebuilt spine and the flex 360 keeps me off the ground and lets me sleep flat/side/side…the price may sound steep but you get what you pay for, my only regret is my reluctance to wait until now….the flex 360 is now one of the top three pieces of my MADE IN USA camping gear (Seekoutside custome back pack, bedrock sandals, CLARK FLEX 360)
    Thanks to ALL the hands that helped assemble my flex 360;)

  5. Noah Hasenauer (verified owner)

    I have several hammocks now and I really love this one. Trying to find ways to reduce weight, but it is worth it!!

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