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The Vertex is an amazing 3-Season double camping hammock.  Enjoy the best suspension and great storage and stability without any ratcheting.  The breathable WeatherShield offers privacy and warmth. The Vertex Ultra features two independent hammock beds and an ample storage compartment that can hold backpacks and items you may need during the night.  The hammock hangs from three supports.


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Two Person


3-Season (winterizable)

Packing Weight:

4.75 lbs / 2.16 kg (5.3 lbs / 2.40 kg with included full suspension system)

Packing Size:

20 X 7 in. / 50 X 17 cm

Safety/Comfort Weight Limit:

250 lbs / 113 kg (per bed)

Maximum Weight Limit:

700 lbs / 318 kg (per bed)


The Vertex Ultra is a real 3-Season double camping hammock.  You each get your own space.  That means you aren’t squished and you won’t notice when the other person gets in or out. But you can always roll over and visit the other occupant.  The breathable WeatherShield offers privacy and warmth. The Vertex Ultra features two independent hammock beds and an ample storage compartment that can hold backpacks and items you may need during the night.  The hammock hangs from three supports.  We include the best suspension system available which includes the highest grade Spectra slings, Timp-Hitch attachment point pre-installed on the hammock, and adjustable tree protection straps.  You will hang the hammock quickly and stay dry, bug-free and perfectly comfortable in this American-made system.

The Vertex Ultra bed has two independent sleeping areas that hang independently while allowing the occupants to share the same tent.  The double camping hammock is just as stable as Clark’s solo hammocks, so you don’t need to worry if one person gets in or out.  In fact, you may not even notice if the other occupant exits the hammock during the night.  If you sleep solo in this hammock, you may sleep on one side and place your backpack and other items in the second hammock bed.  Alternatively, a single occupant can turn diagonally across the double hammock and the hammock bed will respond by providing the flattest hammock bed possible.

The center storage section of the Vertex double camping hammock has ample space for two backpacks, or even a small child.  Two pockets attached to the center storage section can hold items you need during the night.  The two pockets can become one large pocket if you prefer to put a large item such as a backpack inside.

When temperatures drop below 60 degrees Farenheit,  you can attach the matching Z-Liner 270 underquilt (sold separately) to each bed to stay warm in temperatures down to 0 degrees F (-17 degrees C).

Timp-Hitch suspension system includes 2000 lb. Spectra slings and tree straps; Two (2) hammock beds with independent stability are made from mosquito-resistant  fabric; Two (2) exterior storage pockets for shoes and gear; breathable WeatherShield for privacy and extra protection from cold, wind and moisture; four (4) interior storage pockets; full No-See-Um netting can be unzipped to foot-end where it stores in a pocket; built-in stuff bag; zippers include double sliders on both sides of the tent hammock; flexible fiberglass poles.

  • Get our largest beds and an easier hang
  • Get insulating pockets that keep you from having to bring insulation on warmer trips.

Patent Nos.

  • 8,650,679
  • 8,356,370
  • 5,913,772
  • 7,627,913

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put this hammock on the ground when there are no trees?

The Vertex turns into a bivy tent when you stake it down at the three rope connection points.  You do need to use a separate ground cloth underneath the tent since the bed is intended to be breathable and is not waterproof.

Do I need three trees to hang this model?

Yes, however it’s not much different than hanging a regular camping hammock.   The trees don’t have to be in a perfect triangle, and it’s okay if one tree is further away or further to the side.  So as long as you have quite a few trees in your camping area, you will have no problem hanging this tent.   This hammock is much easier to hang than some suspended tents that need perfect trees and use inconvenient ratchets that put a lot of stress on trees.  After a little practice, you can hang our double hammocks in a few minutes.

Does each bed need to balance?  Is it okay if one person is heavier?  What is the biggest person that will fit?

Each bed in the Vertex and VX hammocks holds at least 700 lbs.  So durability and strength are not a problem.  We expect each bed to hold a person who is up to 300 lbs or a little more (based on the size of the bed).

The hammocks do not require balance.  Meaning that it’s okay if one side has more weight in it.  In fact, you won’t notice when the other person moves around or gets in or out.

What under quilt can I use for this model?

The Z-Liner 270 (in our insulation section) is the correct size for each bed of this model.  You need two Z-Liners for this model because there are two beds within the tent.

1 review for Vertex Ultra

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Matt K.

    My wife and I love this hammock, it is the perfect outdoor sleeping setup. Far superior to a tent and incredibly roomy for a hammock. We spent a half day hanging out sheltering from a severe downpour and were very comfortable in the hammock even for extended periods of time. It is quick to setup and the tarp that came with it is high quality and gets the job done. Overall, we rate this hammock 5 stars!

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