Comparing The Mark2 To Other Clark Hammocks


Hammock tent comparisons


The MARK2 model was developed for hikers who will spend significant time on the ground. The MARK2 is also great for backpackers who are new to hammocks and want a shelter that offers a smooth transition to getting off the ground.


The bed: The bottom of the MARK2 is a sealed, non-breathable, heavy-duty fabric that is suitable to be placed directly on the ground. The bed is constructed with raised sides that keep water out. All other Clark hammock require a sealed ground cloth when placed on the ground. The MARK2 bed is significantly wider than beds on other Clark solo hammocks. (see comparison below).

The poles: The MARK2 offers larger, stronger poles that are intended to keep the hammock strong when it is on the ground while offering more head room (see the comparison below).

The fabric: The MARK2 is made from high quality American fabrics just like all other Clark hammocks.

The rain fly: The MARK2 sil-nylon rain fly (weighing approximately 10oz/ 283g) easily clips on and off the shelter so that it can easily be used when the hammock is on or off the ground without any need for tie-out cords. Since the bottom of the hammock is waterproof, the rain fly is not required to cover as much area as other Clark tarps do. The MARK2 rain fly is not intended to provide awning on the sides of the hammock. Since some backpackers like to have plenty of awning when using the tent as a hammock, you should consider using a larger tarp on trips when the MARK2 will primarily be used in the trees.

The netting and WeatherShield: The MARK2 is fully netted with the best No-See-Um netting. It is zippered so that you can zip it down to the foot end where you can store it in the stuff sack. The WeatherShield is an optional upgrade on this model. Like the netting, the WeatherShield zips to the foot end where it can store in the stuff sack. Like the netting, you cannot completely remove the WeatherShield if you order the MARK2 with that option. The WeatherShield adds about 7 oz. (198g).

Insulation: The MARK2 is not intended to be used with insulating underquilts, although there are certainly many on the market that will fit it. Since the shelter is intended to be used on the ground often, it would be best to use this hammock with a pad under your sleeping bag.

(shelter placed on ground)

The MARK2 offers about 24 inches (61 cm) of head room when placed on the ground. The following chart shows how much distance is between the eyes of the occupant and the roof.


Head room comparison


(shelter placed on ground)

Shoulder room comparison