Our Guarantee

Order your Clark Jungle Hammock now! We are certain you will absolutely love it. The purpose of our guarantee is to give you the opportunity to try our hammock with as little financial risk as possible.

If you find anything you do not like about your Clark hammock, you may return it for a refund* by notifying us of your return within 14 days and then making sure it arrives at our facility in less than 10 days after notifying us of the return. A 30% re-stocking fee applies to returned items if the box has been opened. However, if the hammock arrives back to Clark Outdoor in pristine condition, Clark Outdoor will eliminate the restocking fee**.

You must notify us of your return by calling 1-800-468-4635 or by sending an e-mail to info@junglehammock.com, explaining the reason for your return. Second, you must ship your hammock by a method that will allow it to arrive within 10 days after the day you notify us of the return. You must include your original receipt with the hammock. Please also include a note explaining the reasons for the return so that we can continue to improve our products. If you order multiple hammocks, only one opened item can be returned for a refund. Returning customers who have purchased a hammock from Clark Outdoor in the past are not eligible for refunds. Discounted items and items that are part of special offers are not eligible for refunds. View our complete Terms of Service for more details about orders made with Clark Outdoor.

*Shipping & Handling charges cannot be refunded since those services have already been used. Returned items that were shipped for free will receive a shipping fee equal to the real shipping costs for sending the item (additional to any re-stocking fee.).
**Clark Outdoor reserves the right to decide whether your hammock’s condition is pristine or not. If you keep your hammock clean, odor-free, and unwrinkled then you can reasonably expect that Clark will reduce or even eliminate any restocking fee. You do not need to keep the ropes perfectly clean. We almost never charge a restocking fee.