Customer Letters

(Here are just a few of the many unsolicited letters Clark receives from customers who have experienced the superior comfort and utility of lightweight Clark camping hammocks)


April 17, 2015

Dear Clark,

I just received an email about the NX-270 Four-Season. This reminded me that I was going to write to you guys.

I just wanted to commend you on your hammocks and thank you for making such an excellent product! I purchased a Camo Tropical Ultra last year, and have used it on quite a few hikes here in North Queensland, Australia. On two occasions now, I have found myself on top of a mountain when the weather has turned seriously foul. I was not confident that I would make it through the night without ending up soaking wet by morning. I didn’t think it would be possible for any hammock in the world to withstand the onslaught of weather I was stuck in the middle of. I was wrong. The weather was absolutely atrocious. We were pretty exposed to the constant rain and it was seriously blowing a gale. I placed my backpack in an oversized garbage bag and cowered into my hammock with the Velcro stuck together on both ends of my Rainfly XL and hooked a carabiner through the middle two plastic loops of the rainfly to stop it flapping around so much, effectively creating a waterproof cocoon around myself and the hammock.

It was a long night, but I did get some sleep, and more importantly, I stayed completely dry & warm!

My two mates weren’t so lucky that night. The next night was a similar experience. They had traded in their parachute hammocks for (a hammock brand that starts with “H”). One of my mates had brought an army bivy with him, so he used that and faired ok. My other mate found that his bivy was too complicated to set up in the dark so he slept in his (hammock that starts with “H”). His hammock’s diamond shaped fly just was not cutting it and I think he was under the impression he was purchasing something similar to my Clark. Needless to say he had a wet miserable sleep, woke me on numerous occasions with his loud cursing, whilst I slept warm and dry (in between waking and worrying if one of the trees surrounding me would snap off and impale me from the huge gusts of wind that swept through one after the other).

All I can say about my Clark hammock is that it was money well spent! It has completely surpassed all my expectations. It’s easy to set up, weighs little, and always provides me with a dry comfortable sleep, even in the most atrocious of conditions.

Everything is still in perfect working order after having used it quite a lot.

Obviously someone at Clark has spent a lot of sleepless nights in a lot of hammocks to develop the products you have, as it’s easy to see someone has put a LOT of thought into their design.

Thanks for making such an awesome product!!

Kind Regards,

Daniel Delaney
Queensland, Australia


August 24, 2014

Dear Clark,

just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my TX-250 after two months of excessive testing.

Hammock camping has never been that popular over here in Europe, and I had never tried it before, so I had some doubts about whether I would sleep well. And I thought I maybe should give it a try with a less expensive solution before buying a top of the line system like yours.

Well, I did not. I opted for the best in class – and it paid off for me.

I’m 6′ 4″ and weigh in at 221 lbs (no fat, just heavy bones, of course 😉 and though being an experienced camper, ground sleeping regularly resulted in back-aches, no matter what sort of sleeping pad I used. Crawling out of a tent in the morning, soaking wet from condensation, always was a pain in the a** for me. I always felt more or less cramped in my tent. You can’t sit in there unless you’re a yogi and you have to move around on your knees. After two or three days of rain in a row I usually missed my bed at home a lot.

Though being objectively way smaller than a 1-2 person tent, my TX-250 on the other hand provides a completely different sense of space. It’s like sleeping in a cradle, cozy as can be. I leave my 1000 dollar collection of sleeping pads at home. And if I really have to hop out, it’s like rolling out of my bed at home. If the weather sucks, I can sit like in an armchair with a roof above. It’s fun. I can cook like that. And smoke a small cigar – ever tried that in a tent? And once it is time to break camp, everything packs away clean and dry. I’ve spent some 20 nights in that lovely hammock now, and after some tuning in, I always slept like a baby. No back-ache yet. From what I have experienced, this is by far the most comfortable way of spending the night outdoors.

I am planning for a fifteen-day hiking trip this fall, and the TX-250 clearly is my weapon of choice for that. It outperforms each and every tent solution I ever tried, not only comfort- but also weight-wise.

I recently got my Z-Liner 250 in addition (impressively fast btw; less than 3 days from Salt Lake City to Kassel/Germany!) and I can’t wait for the temperatures to drop below 20 F to get that winterized hammock thing going!

To cut a long story short: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for hanging me!=

Andreas Püfke


October 1, 2013

Dear Clark,
I just returned from an archery elk hunt in the backcountry of Wyoming and wanted to share a picture with you. This is a pic of me next to my North American Hammock after we got hit with a major snowstorm dumping over a foot of snow on us. Last Wednesday (Sept 25), I returned to my hammock after a morning hunt and the rains really started coming down. I hopped into my hammock at around 2:30 PM that day and was forced to stay in the hammock until 9:00 AM the next day due to heavy rains and then heavy snow. I was very warm and comfortable in my hammock the entire time, and most importantly, the hammock kept me and my gear completely dry, even after a foot of snow, though my tarp over the hammock was weighed down quite a bit! You can see my Dad’s tent in the background of the pic didn’t do quite as well under the heavy snows. Luckily he was already back at our base camp and was not in the tent that night.

I can’t say enough good about your awesome product – it kept me warm and likely saved my life in some very adverse conditions.


Cory Doyle
Lehi, Utah


April 19, 2012

Dear Clark,

I Just had a three night hike on the Ozark trail. I was able to set my camp up on the most scenic overlooks and river banks on the trail. I couldn’t have stayed there with my ground tent.

I had rain one night. With the fly up and tent off the ground it created a “garage” where I stored all my loose gear (stove, lantern, pots, camp stool ) under the tent and out of the rain.

Move over sliced bread! No doubt your tent design has become the best invention.


Jim Chambers
St Louis, Missouri


March 20, 2012

Dear Clark,

The NX-150 was really great in the snow. The hammock kept me very warm during the night while the temperatures dropped down to 16 degrees F.  I Couldn’t have asked for more excellent product.

Patrick Carr
Cresskill, New Jersey




July 14, 2011

Dear Clark,

My wife, 16 year old son and I recently kayaked the Bowron Lakes canoe circuit in British Columbia sleeping in our Clark hammocks. We had been preparing for the trip since December of last year, and for Christmas we bought our son a North American hammock which we all tried out and liked, so before we went we ordered a Vertex (2-person) for ourselves.

My experience kayaking coastal British Columbia is there are always trees, but not always ground for a tent. The trip starts with a 2.4 kilometer portage to Kibbee Lake, we paddled Kibbee Lake and tackled the 2 kilometer portage to Indianpoint Lake, and paddled almost the full length of that lake before deciding to camp.

When we arrived at the campsite we had targeted there was one other group there, but still plenty of room so we unpacked the kayaks, and stored the food in the bear cache and made supper. When our son told the other group that he was sleeping in a hammock, they were a little patronizing and asked him if he wasn’t going to be cold, or get eaten by mosquitoes, or get wet if it rained. He simply said ‘nope’. After supper it started to rain a bit, so my son grabbed his North American and had it set up in less than a minute. I am pretty sure I saw at least a couple of envious looks as he completed setting up so quickly and efficiently. It took me a bit longer to set up the Vertex, and everyone in the campsite took turns coming over and checking it out, and were shocked with how much room there was. Shortly after we set up it started to rain harder, and since everyone was tired after a tough day we all retired saying goodnight and we will see you in the morning.

Well it rained! And then it RAINED!! The only thing that bothered us was the sound, but soon we were asleep, when I woke up in the morning all was quiet, it had stopped raining.

As you can see it rained quite a bit.

What did the other group have to say about hammock vs tent?
I don’t know. They were gone, and we didn’t encounter them again on the entire trip.
For us it turned out to be a seven day adventure. I can’t imagine how I would ever be able convince my wife to do something like this again if our trip had started out sleeping on the ground on this tent pad. Every time we set up the Vertex we got a little better at it, quicker, a better hang etc and progressively better sleeps.
One night we came across an old trappers cabin, and since it was our 28th wedding anniversary we thought we would indulge ourselves and sleep in it.
What a mistake! Mosquitoes, mice and a hard sleeping platform had us all longing for our hammocks.

Thank you for the best nights sleep I have ever experienced camping.

Steve Weir
BC, Canada


March 23, 2011

Dear Clark,

I was hesitant about the Clark Hammock being mosquito-proof, especially since my other hammocks aren’t. So I wanted to make several camping trips before I said anything.

The Clark Tropical Hammock is definitely mosquito-proof. I found that out when camping on Fisheating Creek (South Florida). The water was high and the bugs were out in full force. To say we had mosquitoes is an understatement. They were out in squanders looking for a meal.

My buddy who had a tent had the only dry piece of ground where a tent could be set up. My camping with the hammock was a lot easier, between two trees with water on one side and some dry ground on the other and a whole lot of cypress knees and mud under it. Not a one of those posed a problem. I enjoyed a good nights sleep and was completely bug free. Even with the Florida heat, it was cool in the hammock and almost felt like air conditioning.

On another trip to the Everglades I had the Clark Tropical Hammock and was very comfortable every night no matter what the weather was (a lot of rain) or the bug situation. On the lighter side, I woke up during the night and in the moonlight I noticed an Everglades Raccoon. After exploring the campsite, he walked under the hammock and into the woods.

Chuck Littleton
Central Florida


February 24, 2011

Dear Clark,

About a year ago I purchased a Clark Jungle Hammock for a planned 1000km solo kayaking trip around the Solomon Islands in the western Pacific. I had never used such a product before and was quite intrigued by what I received in that tiny package from your company. Now, having just returned from a highly successful 5 month trip to the islands, I just have to let you know that, apart from my kayak, the Clark Jungle Hammock was the superstar of the trip. I have never camped so comfortably in my life. There is absolutely NOTHING I can fault with the product and I will be buying another one for my next trip (I sold mine on the islands to an Australian who literally got on his knees to beg me to sell it to him). Originally I was looking for something to keep me well off the ground at night, away from saltwater crocodiles that are very common in the islands and have been known to attack people sleeping in tents. Safety was more of an issue than comfort. Well, with the hammock I got both!

Keep up the good work!

Alex Vogel
Dubai, UAE


February 2, 2011


Dear Clark,

Well, guys and gals I will keep this short and to the point. I have been in a Clark hammock 4 season model since 2004 and have never had a bad experience with this baby….. Clare, as I call her, has been through extreme heat to frigid cold temps not to mention all the nasty Florida wind storms and torrential rainfall you could throw at her. I consider myself an expert camper and have spent many a day and night behind fabric walls and mesh windows of a vast array of tent shelters and nothing compares to a Clark……… Well, I said I would keep it short and sweet so I will close with this old Marine Corps saying. “The only thing tougher than a Marine is a Marine’s wife, and of course his Clark Hammock.<br

Semper Fi

Thank you to the Staff at Clark Hammocks. Keep up the hard work and dedication to excellence in provided a superior product 2nd to none.

Officer Gregory Whiteside
Barrow, Alaska


January 25, 2011

Dear Clark,

I spent four weeks in the northern forests of Madagascar this past summer. I was the only person in my group who brought a camping hammock (everyone else slept in tents or under mosquito netting). At first everyone was skeptical of my hammock and assured me that it would hurt my back and I would get tired of it within a few nights. Boy were they wrong! For starters, setting it up only took me a few minutes, and I was lounging in my hammock while everyone else was still struggling to tie up their mosquito netting. After the first few nights, I was bragging to everyone in my camp that sleeping in my Clark Ultra Light hammock was definitely the best sleep I’ve ever gotten while camping! Being able to lay in the hammock diagonally made for an exceptional night’s sleep. The best part of my hammock was definitely sleeping under the stars and off the ground every night. While I was enjoying the lemurs over head that came through our camp every morning at dawn and perched above my head, everyone else was fighting off the pesky rodents that ate through mosquito netting and stole their belongings!

Thanks for the great product!

Tamra Stanish
Round Rock, TX


September 23, 2010

Dear Clark,

Here is a picture of our last hike using our NX-150s. We went in Keji National Park in Nova Scotia on a 60.5Km hike over three nights. It was a great trip because of the excellent sleep we had in our Clark’s. The part I used to hate about camping was sleeping on the ground, and now I get a better nights sleep than I would at home. <br
Thanks for the great product!

Jason van Vessem
Halifax, Nova Scotia


August 7, 2010

Dear Clark,

Did you know that Clark is one tough hammock?!

I recently purchased a used Clark North American. And from what information I received from the previous owner, my hammock has thru-Hiked the A.T., and has been across Central America twice, and has seen it all–Good and Bad weather, storms, snow, and pesky insects!!

I have had it out a few times, and really enjoyed it. This weekend , I had it set up near the Little Pine State Park near Waterville, Pa. On Saturday evening, I heard a radio broadcast about Tornado warnings (about 50 miles North), and severe thunderstorm warnings. As soon as that wind started to pick up, I changed the pitch of the tarp. I climbed in making sure I had grabbed what I needed: My water bottle filled up, my book, my head lamp hanging on the ridge line, and my radio. Not wanting to take any chances, I zipped closed the WeatherShield.

Then bam, that storm really hit!! 50 MPH gust, torrential gust-driven downpours, and plenty of thunder and lighting. I sailed (literally) through that storm with the high winds bucking me dry and comfortable. ( hats off to mother Nature for strong trees) Storm or no storm, I still managed to read 4 chapters of my book.

What a tough hammock!! This Hammock is still going strong. I will probably eventually unload it for a new NX 250 model, just to upgrade, but I know this used North American Hammock will still probably outlive me!!

Richard Bush
Osceola Mills, Pennsylvania


April 6, 2009

Dear Clark,

I backpack to lost ponds in the Adirondacks to fish for trout. The temperatures range from the teens to the 70’s F. Carrying a canoe and all the gear you need for a long weekend I have come to appreciate my small lightweight Tropical jungle hammock. I have never slept so well. The hammock is so comfortable and you are guaranteed the same nights sleep every time. No more hassles of trying to find a flat spot to set your tent up. There is never a shortage of trees in the woods. If anyone has any doubts, then to sum it all up: I am 47 yrs old and have been camping for years. I was skeptical about my purchase and now believe it is the best thing I ever bought myself. It is lightweight, and very strong.. I get out of bed in the morning and I am not stiff from laying on the ground. No more tossing and turning to get comfortable or rolling over on a rock or stump in the middle of the night. This hammock is worth every penny.


Patrick McGinn
Clifton Park, New York


March 3, 2009

Dear Clark,

I am new to the hammock world and after in-depth investigation on the internet and comparison of products from many popular manufacturers I decided to purchase your NX-200 as my first hammock. I just returned from a camping trip in the Sipsey Wildlife Refuge with a group of like minded hangers. When we all met up at the trailhead we knew that there was the possibility of the weather turning nasty, snow was predicted. Now I know most people are thinking, snow– thats nothing…….well as a southerner who rarely sees snow I was concerned that the insulation I was carrying on this trip would not be enough for the night. Of the group I was probably the least prepared for the experience I was about to be a part of. After a beautiful and long trek through the wilderness we found a sheltered cove and made camp for the night. After the campfire comraderie, we started to disperse and ready ourselves for the night. About 2 a.m. I woke for the call of nature and was surprised when I got out of the hammock to see sleet falling all around. This was the point where my concern was starting to get the best of me. I settled back into the NX-200 and bundled up with another small fleece blanket that I had along, hoping the temperature did not drop anymore than it already had. Well about 7:30 a.m. I woke up to a little sweat on my forehead, snow falling and the area completely blanketed in beautiful white blanket. I can now say that I am a firm believer in the product that you produce. If there is anyone who has questions about the ratings that are listed for your product, please feel free to have them contact me.

A Firm Believer,

John Ennis
Gadsden, Alabama


December 15, 2008

Dear Clark,

Here are some pictures of our late November Bow Hunt with the Jungle Hammock. Scott and I backpacked in to our hunting area and stayed the night using our hammocks. The conditions were severe with temperatures during the night reaching into the single digits and being at about 9,500 foot in elevation the winds hit close to 50 mph at different times during the night. I slept in a 0 degree synthetic bag with my socks, cold gear Under Armor and a fleece balaclava, I had a fleece under blanket and fleece over blanket. When we settled in for the night I took my clothes that I wore and the clothes that I packed and stuffed them into the North American’s pockets to form an insulation barrier. We went to sleep at 7:00 p.m. that night and we were mentally trying to prepare for about 10 hours in the hammock. When it was all said and done we slept so well that we didn’t get out of bed until 7:00 a.m. the next morning so we ended up spending 12 hours in our Jungle Hammocks. It was a fantastic trip and I stayed warm and comfortable all night long. Next to my bow this is my best piece of backpacking gear.

Jerry Slaugh
Lehi, Utah


August 18, 2008

Dear Clark,

Every year a handful of us have made a habit of a long distance ATV ride. These rides are defined by two things, first at least 100 miles, second at least one night of camping. I took my Clark hammock and a little insurance in the way of my Sportsmans Guide tarp. This year we had a relatively easy ride planned. What we couldn’t have expected was that we had the third worst winter in recorded history.

My companions were sleeping in a wee little pup tent and were struggling with the usual sliding down hill nonsense. I slept like a dead man on both nights. I’m pretty sure I made two more converts on the second night. The wind was blowing and it was in the upper 20’s F. By morning my tarp had sagged noticeably due to the snow load.

To sum it up… I’ve been camping in one form or another my whole life. Even though the conditions were WAAAAY far from ideal I had two of the best nights of sleep I’ve ever had indoors or outdoors. I was warm, dry, and comfortable. My shoulder’s didn’t ache, my hands didn’t fall asleep, and my hips didn’t feel like I went two rounds in a kick boxing match. I think I’m going to turn my old dome tent into a chicken coop.

Erin Scott
Spokane, Washington


July 12, 2008

Dear Clark,

I received my North American hammock in the US just before I was to leave for six weeks to the middle of nowhere in the Russian Federation. I anticipated not wanting to sleep on the ground and this time of year is when they find people missing due to the mosquitoes carrying them away. It took a few minutes to get the set-up right, but once I did it was love at first sight. This thing is just so damn cool. I am the scurge of my colleagues who would love to enjoy the bug-free woods, but can’t without 12 layers of DEET.

When I am done here, I am heading to Big Sky, Montana for the Primal Quest Adventure Race ( where I have volunteered my medical and support services for the past 6 years. I am traveling light on this trip and so I will also order a Clark Ultralight for this side of the Atlantic.

Thanks again for making a great product.

Best Regards,

Todd Phillips
Vancouver, Washington


June 7, 2008

Dear Clark,

I am now on my third Clark’s Jungle Hammock. My first one was just as comfortable as my most recent addition. My first hammock was great. When modifications were made to the base material and rain fly I decided to purchase my second hammock. I sold the first one online and was enjoying my hammock so much I talked my sister into buying one for her husband. Needless to say he is enjoying his new hammock in Colorado. Not realizing that I already had one my mother surprised me with a new one this past Christmas. My newest North American is even better. I really like what you have done with the fabric and I also like the extra large rainfly. I can’t imagine where you will go next. It is hard to improve on such perfection.

Thank you for making such a great product. I am always talking about Clark’s Jungle Hammock to my Scouting friends.

Dick Jones
Cape Fear BSA Council Commissioner
Asst. Scoutmaster Troop 239
Wilmington, NC


May 8, 2008

Dear Clark,

I returned from my trip on the AT and used my new Clark hammock while on the trail…WOW! The hammock was the envy of our group because of the comfort of the hammock and incredible ease of set up and breakdown.

The temperature the second night on the trail dipped down to the 40’s with a wind chill in the 30’s and it was amazing to me how well the six pockets worked in insulating me from the wind which was gusting up to 30 mph. In the morning I didn’t want to get out of my hammock because I was so cozy…the pockets work! I also loved the fact that I could sit in my hammock very comfortably, while sitting back, without worry of doing a backflip with a half gainer out the other side.

I love this hammock, will not ever switch to anything else. I don’t think you could improve anything on this hammock.

Sir Henry
Port Orange, FL


January 23, 2008

Dear sirs,

I have never before written to a product company to praise them for a product but I had to thank you.
A friend and I just returned from a kayak trip in the Amazon basin.. We both purchased the Camo North American version of your hammocks in preparation of this trip. Weight was a factor, because we were taking foldable kayaks as airline checked baggage . We found them to be incredibly compact and lightweight and there was no need for an air pad thus saving both space and weight.
After being there, I am certainly glad we didn’t have to sleep on the ground with tents.. ants and rats chew on everything left on the ground. The pockets kept all the necessities off the ground and within easy reach. I kept an audio recorder in one of the pockets and a microphone set up on a stand under the rainfly so that I could record in an instant during the middle of the night when something interesting happened. The rainfly kept the water off everything.
Though it was the dry season, we were constantly wet.. what a comfort to crawl into a dry warm place at night and stay that way even through the occasional deluge that seemed to go on for hours.
We found them not only great hanging between trees, but fitting right in among the native hammocks on the decks of the ferry boats running to and from the drop off points.
It was such a let down when finally had to return to a hotel room bed. It did not even come close the the comfort of your hammocks. We are trying to think of a way to convince our wives to let us hang them in the bedroom.
I can’t wait to use it again. It would be very hard to go back to a tent as we explore the world.

Thank you again

Greg Rademacher
Prior Lake, Minnesota


August 8, 2007

First of all, thank you very much for the prompt response and professional service. Secondly, wow. What an amazing product. I have spent the last two evenings sleeping in my yard, and my wife is now wondering if I’ll actually ever come back inside. I was planning on using the North American hammock for early season mule deer hunting here this fall, but it is now coming north for my caribou/moose hunt in late September. I have absolutely no doubt that for the total of 25-28 days of the hunt, I’ll be warm, dry, and comfortable, regardless of weather. My wife feels that this has been the second best purchase in the last five years, only behind a new chainsaw last year, which is indeed high praise when wood heat is the only source in a Canadian mountain winter.

Again, thank you and best regards,

Darren Pratt
Grand Forks, BC


July 27, 2007

My friends and I have been using the North American Hammock for several years on our bowhunts. We backpack several miles into our favorite bowhunting grounds. The size the hammock packs down to is second to none. The weight is as light as a Bivy sac and pad but it gives you the ability to get out of the weather and away from the bugs.

My friend Andy brought his Bivy sac on one of our elk hunts when I had a North American Hammock. He kept telling me how great his bivy was. Well the first night he had six goats waking him up by standing on him and one even pee’d on him. Andy doesn’t use his Bivy anymore. He bought a North American hammock with Rain Fly XL. His only concern was that it wouldn’t be large enough because he is 6’5″ and 280 lbs. Well, it was big enough for him.


Scott Weatherspoon


May 22, 2007

Hi there. I have used Junglehammock for two years. My life has been a lot better in woodlands after I got mine own Clarks Junglehammock. I’ve used it around a year in all seasons. Even in winter when it was under 15 degrees Celcius. Everything was just fine.

In fact, I might go to woodlands just because I can sleep in my cozy, enjoyable and very nice Junglehammock. If you see me in my hammock sleeping, do not dare to wake me up, because I am having one of my best times in my life at that moment.

Junglehammock is only way to sleep as a king in Finnish woodlands. Thank you for the great product.


Kimmo Vesterinen


March 13, 2007

I am proud to say I am an owner of a Clark Jungle hammock. I do not live in a jungle nor do I live near one. I chose your hammocks because I do a lot of ultralight backpacking and the weight ratio is perfect. it packs up small but it truly is versatile enough to be a 4 season tent.

I spent a couple of nights in it last winter during a fishing trip in what turned out to be the coldest temperatures we have seen in a decade in western Washington. All I can say is WOW! I stayed warm and dry through the night utilizing the pockets under the hammock as thermal insulation by stuffing them with excess gear. It worked like a charm and I was SOLD! I’ve used it on every trip ever since to try setting it up in different ways. I added static kernmantle rope and a self locking pulley to make set up even faster and to allow me to adjust the “sag” from inside the hammock, again it works great and I couldn’t be more pleased. I bought mine before the camo models were available and since my buddies are in awe of the hammock, I may be sending some fellow backpackers your way. I may need to get myself a camo one just to vary my inventory and have one for my wife who also accompanies me on some of my trips.

Thanks for making a great product and keep up the good work!

Jake Wells
Tacoma, WA


October 25, 2006

Here are some pictures and a testimonial about my use of your north American jungle hammock. I have gotten some great use out of it! I first purchased my Clark Jungle Hammock for a three month expedition in Central America. Whether strung between palm trees on an island off the coast of Belize, in the rain forest along the river Macal, on the beaches of Costa Rica or the mountains of Guatemala, the Clark never let me down. Let me repeat that: The Clark never let me down. I always had a comfortable bed, safe and high and dry, and away from the brutal mosquitoes of the region. I always knew that no matter where I ended up, I always had shelter, even from the roughest wind and rain.

I returned home and began training for my next adventure, a five month hike through the eastern mountain ranges of the US, along the Appalachian Trail. From Springer Mountain, GA to Mt. Katahdin, ME, the Clark never left my pack. I was at an advantage in such terrain, for I had no need for a flat space to camp – many times I would camp on a slope, to watch a sunset or to wake up to a perfect view. In the summer months, daytime temperatures would top 100 degrees, but the cool night breeze through the mosquito screen always put me to sleep. In the fall and spring, the night temperature would drop as low as 25, but I was always warm and comfortable in my cocoon. My Clark allowed me to escape the limitations of normal hiking, and camp wherever I wanted to.

I am 6’5″, 250 lbs. I have also had my dog Jack, an 85 lb Great Pyrenees, sleep in the hammock with me several times (although we exceeded the weight limit, the Clark held us without any problem). No matter who you are, no matter what you want to do, the Clark is an essential piece of gear. Step out of your box, and find the adventure you have been waiting for. This is one time I definitely got my money’s worth!

Joey Shonka (AKA POLAR BEAR)


August 14, 2006

Solitude in a Clark!

I purchased one of your UltraLights last year and have been backpacking several times with it. I’ll have to say I can actually get a good night’s sleep now with the hammock. Previously I used a small tent and a sleeping pad but I would always wake up at 2 a.m. with sore sholders and hips. With the UltraLight it’s like sleeping in a real bed with no pressure points.

This photo was taken at Temple Hill Gap which is located between No Business Knob and Erwin. My Clark Ultralight was set up on the side of the mountain about 50 yards above the trail on a 30 degree slope. Try that with a tent!

I also posted this photo on the site along with several other shots of my various trips along the AT.

Thanks for a great product,


August 14, 2006

“Love this Hammock! I’ve used the Jungle Hammock for backpacking, bicycling, and just plain camping, and I really, really like it. It’s a wonderful inovation that is light, durable and comfortable. I’m a hammock lover and I think there is no better form of camping application. I’m sure I’ll have and use mine for years to come.”

Louis Pitoni
Rochester, NY



August 14, 2006

First, let me start off by saying how amazed and pleased I am with the hammock (purchased a few months ago). I am a back patient, and refuse to give up the great outdoors. I wake with minimal back pain when I sleep in your hammock. People can’t believe it, but it is true. You may have heard about the terrible storm that hit New York State this past week. There were torrential rains, floods, and very strong winds. Attached are photos of my hammock. The storm hit at night when I was sleeping. I stayed completely dry.

I could carry on with the great places I have already been with the hammock, but that’s for another time. Enough to say I am a very happy customer.


Mark Sennett
Rochester, NY


May 1, 2006

I purchased a North American Camo Hammock to use while hiking the Appalachian Trail this year, and although I did not complete my Thru-hike attempt due to injury, I used the hammock every night I could for a month straight, even after others had sent their hammocks home after being cold or wet on the trail. In snow, rain, even hail, the North American Hammock held up like a tank, and is comparable or lighter than a solo tent. Your hammock is a superior product compared to the others offered for 3 or 4 season camping, and everyone that I could get to try it loved it for it’s bomb-proof construction, and the cool camo color. I will be using the hammock for years, and I will consider no other shelter type when I hike the A.T. or just camping in the back yard.

Thank you!!!

Eugene Foster “Trooper”
Wesley Chapel, Fl.


January 14, 2006

Dear Clark,

I just wanted to send you a note and give you my thanks for building the Clark Jungle Hammock. I received one for Christmas 4 years ago from one of your biggest fans and have not slept on the ground since. As a Scoutmaster and avid backpacker, climber and hunter, my Beanpod is always in my pack, whether it’s a car camping trip, and overnight hike with my Scouts, or a weeklong (or more) backpacking trip. My first night spent in it was near Flagstaff, AZ the night before a climb of Humphrey’s Peak (in February) when it got down to about +15 degrees. I was amazed when I woke the next morning. I had NEVER slept so well before in the woods, not to mention the fact that there wasn’t a flat piece of ground to be found where we could have put up a tent.

I have spent many nights in driving rainstorms bone dry in my Clark. I’ve spent nights in the snow where the temperature got down to about +5 degrees. I’ve spent nights in 85 degree temps with just the mosquito netting and no fly. I’ve slept under the stars with one end tied to a tree and the other connected to a Hexcentric and wedged into a crack in a rock wall. I’ve been rained on, snowed on, blown around, and buzzed by mosquitoes (on the OTHER side of the netting). Through it all, I slept like a baby.

After about 75 nights of sleeping in my Beanpod, it still looks good as new and everyone who sees it wants to know where they can get one. One of my Assistant Scoutmasters is intrigued by it and wants to get a good hammock. He has been looking at some of the other brands because they are less expensive (but they are really just cheaper). I’ve been a longtime believer that if you spend a little more once for good quality gear, you’ll only have to buy once. Things are usually less expensive for a reason…… He’ll be borrowing my second Clark on our next trip which is all that it will take to convert him for life, I’m sure.

Again, thanks for your hard work and outstanding products.

Walt Brown
Albuquerque, NM


October 21, 2005

Well, the Jungle Hammock totally lived up to our expectations and your marketing. It’s definitely not marketing-hype…After a night in our Jungle Hammocks, we felt refreshed, and un-bitten by bugs.

We were several miles into the Guatemalan Jungle inthe Peten area, far from any city. We certainly didn’t belong there, as we were in the bugs’ home – clearly not ours. It felt like a 5-star hotel in the jungle. All we needed was room service and we’d have been set. I can’t believe how much better it feels to sleep in a jungle hammock compared to a tent. Besides, who wants to be on the ground with Jaguars, wild pigs, monkeys, poisonous snakes and *all* kinds of insects roaming around.

I don’t have a picture of our camp to show you as we set up and tore down our camp in pitch black, and in a hurry at that.

Bill Griffith


August 16, 2005

Dear Clark,

In a word….WOW!

I had just received my Tropical with XL rain fly a week before leaving for a long weekend on the AT in North Carolina. Finally giving up on trying to sleep on the ground anymore, (I’m 43) and after a lot of looking and research, I hoped this was the solution. I had “practiced” with the hammock a couple of times at home and was pretty confident, but you never know for sure until you’re doing it for real.

Four of us hit the trail outside of Robbinsville, NC, heading for Cheoa Bald (5100′). The weather was nice for the hike, and was forecast for about 60* overnight. Oh brother, did we ever catch it on the top. We had gotten camp set up and everything was looking great. Then a storm came across from the East. Winds were at 25-35 mph, and rain so heavy, that as it was approaching, we lost sight of trees in the meadow below us that were less than 100 yards away. The distance could have been less, but I dove into my hammock at that point.

With the fly pegged low, I hung on and thought; “I guess we’ll see about this now!” After an hour and a half, the storm passed. Myself, my gear, and my hammock were unscathed, and just as important, dry. My pack rode out the storm on the ground underneath the hammock and still stayed dry! Throughout the storm I peered out at the pack, debating whether I should cover it in a garbage bag,….no need. I slept in the hammock 3 nights, each time was better than the last.

Thanks for a product that really does what the add says. I’m pretty sure you’ll be getting at least two more orders for hammocks in the near future, everybody was impressed.

David D’Agresta
Odessa, Florida


June 6, 2005

Hello Clark,

I should be exhausted this morning, but, I am not. After working fourteen hours I had to sleep in the presence of a giant fiesta just a hundred meters from my hammock. There were large generator powered amplifiers blaring until 4:00 AM. I know that, only because the band leader said that is when they would stop. I awoke at 5:00 AM with only the generator and the clinking of metal as they removed the band stand. I have been living in my tropical hammock for just over three years now and it is just as comfortable now as it was the very first night.
Thank you!

Mel Landers
Diriamba, Nicaragua


June 5, 2005

Dear Clark,

Where has this thing been my whole life!

Dude – this is the best thing to happen to camping since portable water filters. It changes the way we camp entirely – we are no longer limited by looking for flat, level ground for a tent.
First, anywhere there are trees we can set up camp – rocky hillsides, over rivers, even truck camping works because we can use the rollbar on my truck as one of the trees. This opens up places in the woods where I would never have considered going because of the limitations of normal tent requirements.

Second, the setup is easier than any standard tent – four knots (more if you want the rain fly) and you are up. I used a simple four-pole dome tent in the past and the setup was just long and hard enough that I wouldn’t consider an overnight camping trip at 6:00pm because the setup would have been too much of a pain. We camp much more frequently because we know we’ll have the tent up within minutes.

Third, the size and weight are great. Tents that use poles will by definition take up a given amount of room in a backpack. I have the North American and it’s still super tiny when rolled up. Some of the trails I take would require that I turn sideways with my old tent in my backpack to get through small squeezes, but no more with the North American. It fits very comfortably on my bicycle, in fact, which has led to more casual camping trips. The lower weight is bonus points.

Fourth, it works for sleeping. I own several hammocks and this is the only one I can sleep in for a couple of reasons. It doesn’t sag like normal hammocks. There is enough support where I feel comfortable sleeping. I can also turn over on my side. That is a HUGE factor for sleeping, because I won’t spend an entire night on my back if I expect to get any rest. I don’t even have to sweat balancing and making sure I’m in the middle of the hammock when I switch sides.

Fifth, it’s much cleaner. It’s obviously up off the ground (as opposed to traditional tents) and when sitting in it, you can take your shoes off very easily without bringing them into the hammock.

Jason Czito
Soulsbyville, California


May 20, 2005

Hi Clark,

I don’t normally do this but I’m e-mailing you to commend you on the exceptional service received from your company. Not only were you happy to defer my order briefly at my request, but the shipping time was astounding.

As for the product itself I can only say nothing comes close to the quality I’ve found here (lightweight, well-constructed and compactable). Being an Aussie I go camping any chance I can with my mates, and lugging a tent around is a thing of the past for me now. Don’t be surprised if you get more orders from Australia– word of mouth is a powerful thing here. Keep up the good work mate!
Regards from one happy customer,

Jonathan Green
Sydney, Australia


May 1, 2005

Dear Clark,

I’m a four season camper (scoutmaster) who has difficulty sleeping on the ground for more than a few hours. I’ve been experimenting with a couple of competing hammocks during the last year.

I initially tried hammocks because they are so comfortable. I quickly learned that the privacy of a hammock allows me to read without keeping anyone else awake and hammocks provide many more options in steep terrain. Unfortunately, it was difficult to keep my backside warm and I occasionally had problems with rain and wind.

Last night was my first night in your hammock. The temperature was in the upper thirties. We had a little rain and a little wind. Two features on your hammock made the experience quite pleasant. The extra gear I stowed in the pockets under my back made a huge difference in the warmth of my backside. Additionally, when the wind picked up enough to push the rain up under the fly and against the netting beside my head, I simply zipped the WeatherShield further up the sides and left a small opening over my head beneath the peak of the fly. I didn’t have any problems with my own moisture and I didn’t have anymore trouble with the rain. Since I was awake, I read a few more pages in the novel and fell asleep as the hammock gently rocked in the breeze.

Bryan Hendricks
Pleasant Grove, Utah


April 1, 2005

Clark personnel,

We gave your bomb proof hammock a small plug on the “jungle primer” page of our site. We were testing just about every hammock on the market while training in Central America last March and decided yours to be the best. Our cadre are really hard on equipment so for yours to come through it is really saying something. We haven’t gotten a chance to abuse your North American model yet, but as soon as we get one ordered and head back down, we’ll let you know how it turned out. Good job and we are glad to see that it is American made.

1st Sgt Metts
U.S. Rescue & Special
Operations Grp.


March 17, 2005

To The Whole Jungle Hammock Gang:
First of all, I want to tell you all how enthused I am about your hammocks. I was born and raised in western Washington State, where we have an abundance of natural beauty, but also an abundance of rain. All of my life, my family has tried to get out into that beauty to enjoy it, but my earliest memories are of soggy tents and digging trenches in the downpour. Your hammocks have unlocked that beauty and natural splendor for year-round enjoyment. After purchasing the Jungle Hammock II and the UltraLight last September, I continue to subject your hammocks to everything this climate can dish out, spending 3 cozy nights a week in the forest while the weather has been doing its worst. And now, with the new Deluxe UltraLight model that I have purchased, I believe you have made the perfect hammock, and, of course, the best camping hammock in the world.
Best Wishes and Happing Hanging.

John M. Sattler
Bremerton, Washington


March 11, 2005

Hello A. D. Wade
I just read your review on the Vietnam jungle Hammock, and on the Tropical hammock in Gear Review. You are very correct on your findings with the Jungle hammock. The reason why I’m writing you this email, is to have you check out a site This is the Clark Jungle Hammock…. Not the same things as the old Vietnam Jungle Hammock/tent. The Clark hammock is the best I have tried for camping / backpacking. I have bought and tried quite a few different brands.

It is super stable, light weight, and tough as nails. You can sleep on your side in it, as well as sit in it very easily to get dressed, cook, etc. The only down side is the cost $ 170 to 260 dollars , depending on which model you get, however even with that you GET what you pay for. I feel it is worth every penny. It is a VERY WELL MADE piece of gear you will be able to count on in any type of weather situation. After using the Clark Jungle Hammock I would never consider using any other hammock for serious backpacking / bicycle camping. If you havne’t seen this hammock before I suggest you check out their website. It is on par with the quality of their hammock, in other words VERY WELL done.

It’s hard to say how I sleep in this hammock, its so comfortable I fall asleep very quickly and usually don’t wake up until I hear the wooper wills in the morning…….
Anyway bye for now……. and happy camping…. Call or write me if you have any questions………… Bye for now….

Marshall Singer
Little Rock, Arkansas


February 27, 2005

Hi Jungle Hammock Group,
Your order form asked where I first heard about the Jungle Hammock. Well, you probably won’t believe this.

I first found one of your hammocks deep in the jungle of Costa Rica up in a tree – it was abandoned, or so I thought. It was overgrown with about a years worth of growth. The owner had left his sleeping bag and other gear still in it. The hammock was still in good working condition – no rot!. I also found the owner not too far from the hammock – deceased, bitten by a Cascavel (deadly poisonous snake). The owner and the snake (skeletons) were reported to the authorities, – the family was notified and retrived the remains – they gave me the hammock – still works great! There was also a journal by the skeleton. The last entry said, “bit by this snake” (which was still in his grip). The last entry date was aprox. one year before my arrival. I like your hammocks – its time for a new North American model.

Mike Hansen
Sedona, AZ
P.S. I had been looking for your hammocks for about a year and a half, unsuccesfully until I finally saw a picture of it in Backpacker Magazine. You should have seen my eyes light up! I’m sooo happy! Looking forward to receiving my new North American Model. I’ve already got a trip planned for the day it arrives.

[Note from Clark Outdoor Products: We realize how preposterous this last customer letter sounds, but we wouldn’t place it here unless we were convinced it is true. The customer who wrote this story called us and told us the story with no intent of publishing it. He was able to describe the hammock model he found, which was one of our original hammock models made in 1998. We encouraged him to write down the account so we could share it with other customers. We spoke with him again in 2010 when he was worried that we had deleted his story (we had just moved it). He continues to assert the truthfulness of this account.]


February 19, 2005

Dear Clark Jungle Tent,

I just got my jungle hammock last week and this weekend I put it to the ultimate test….The Blanco River Kayaking trip gone bad! Hopefully this little email will brighten your day! After 6 hours of paddling and fishing we had come to the spot that two years ago we had decided to camp. However, somebody decided to buy the property and build a house on it. This left us with no choice but to paddle on down and look for a suitable spot. Three hours of paddling in the dark and walking our kayaks over shallow water, we found a spot….Sort of!!!! The ground was covered with river rock and the trees were technically not big enough to support my 250lbs. But we were tired and looking forward to a steak and whiskey and coke. After opening the dry storage on the kayak we discovered the container with whiskey had broken and everything including my brand new hammock was soaked in whiskey! It was too late to worry about it, so we hung my hammock and put up my buddy’s ground tent. The fishing was great, but lack of whiskey after a hard days rowing took the wind out of our sails. My nights sleep was amazing even though the trees I tied to weren’t top notch. I only woke one time in seven hours! That is unheard of when camping for me! My buddy, on the ground in the rocks woke up every 20-30 min. because that side of his body had gone numb. Your jungle tent is well worth the money I spent on the North American model. Thank you for your recommendation and remember to always pack your beverage of choice in a PLASTIC bottle!

San Angelo, TX


January 31, 2005


Just returned from a week in the Belizean rainforest – I had bought one of the closeout original models and used it during the trip. I was impressed with its sturdiness, durability and comfort, and heard a lot of “where can I get one of those?” from fellow rainforest visitors. Thanks for a great product!

Bill Cope
Gainesville, FL


January 16, 2005

Here is a snip from a page at
“So far it’s my top choice for “Outdoor Gear Product of the Year”, and if you go on many long trail trips, you’d be smart to keep one of these in your Jeep. They’re fairly small when stored in the included stuff-sack, and fits neatly into any Jeep. It easily sets up almost anywhere in a flash, too. Rocky ground? No trees? So what! Borrow a rock or even a buddy’s 4×4!”



December 27, 2004

Dear Clark Outdoor,

As the proud owner of one of your products, I can’t say enough about the Comfort, Quality and Design of my Hammock. I am 6′-3″, 250 Lbs and an avid backpacker – I’ll NEVER go back to sleeping on the ground again. Despite freezing weather, rain, etc., I get the best night’s sleep (ON MY SIDE) since I was a kid. When I read the Tent reviews in Backpacking Magazine, I am amazed that more people don’t recognize how dumb it is to carry groundsheets, poles, pegs, pads, pillows, etc. In almost every performance category that matters, you beat a tent. Do you have an indoor version? My family is getting tired of me sleeping in the back yard!
Thank you,

G. Scott Kilgore, AIA
Greenville, SC


November 7, 2004

Click here for an independent review of the Clark Jungle Hammock by the Light Weight Backpacker. Read what gear expert Charles Lindsey has to say.


October 19, 2004

Dear Clark Outdoor,
I just love my Jungle Hammock. It is far more comfortable than any of the 15 pads I’ve tried sleeping on. Attached is a picture of the hammock as I was using it last weekend. I put it up in the dark. It has enabled me to complete hiking all of the major trails in the Lost Creek Wilderness Area.

Yours in Jungle Hammocks,
Dick Vogel


August 15, 2004

Dear Clark Outdoor,
First let me congratulate you and your staff for the way you operate your company. It has sadly been many years since I have encountered a company in which every employee was cheerful, knowledgeable, and genuinely eager to assist the customer. It is for this reason I write this letter. Frankly, I usually don’t bother, even with a product as fine as yours. I am typically left with the feeling that no one would bother to read it anyhow. You and your staff have left me feeling as though you are attempting to reinvent customer relations the way they used to be. Thank you. I was a satisfied customer before the hammocks ever arrived.
I’ve been a camper since my childhood, when it was just dad and I. Now, at 51, my whole family and my four best buddies and their families are involved. We camp out of cars and trucks, canoe to sites, backpack, even camp off of bicycles. There’s just no wrong way to get away with the wife, kids and friends. We’ve been in everything from claustrophobic bivies to three room canvas mansions. While we all own more than one tent, my buddies and I love hammocks, even the “designed and built by the lowest bidder” Army ones we used during Nam. They’re light weight, set up quicker than any tent, you don’t have to rake the ground, and you never wake up in the middle of the night with rain soaking through the floor.
I set up the Clark Jungle Hammock at home and took a couple of naps in it to get the “new material” stretched out. Surprisingly, not too much – but a little. We’ve been out now four times with 6 nights spent in the “bean pods” (named by my daughter). My buddies have borrowed them and put more nights into them. My buddies own the ones built by the “other guys.” Now, we’re not big names in the camping sector. We’ve never seen a titanium cook set. We’re just people who have camped for years in about every type of thing made. And, we’ve learned a lot about what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s just dumb “techno stuff.” Here’s what we’ve learned about your product.

Notice that we have not followed the typical big name reviewer’s form, beginning with “out of box quality inspection” verbiage and ending with some lame, limited, conditional recommendation. We assume it will have high quality or we’d have bought a $50 GI hammock. And, the quality of materials and construction don’t say a thing about addressing the real needs of camping in a hammock. Trust us, we own high quality hammocks that cost big bucks and perform no better than the GI issue. We’ve listed our comments in the order of things that “tree hangers” really look for in a hammock to really call it an improvement or an innovation. Yours has hit a mark we’ve been searching for over 35 years.

1) This hammock DOES NOT SAG. You get a good night’s sleep and wake up with no more perceptible sag than when you went to bed. It probably, logically, does sag, but it’s so slight that the person inside can’t detect it. The other guy’s products (for the same money) just don’t cut it. Since comfort is the number one complaint about hammocks, you have to assume the other guys don’t use their own products and don’t listen to their customers because they haven’t fixed this in the 35 years we’ve been complaining. Of the 3 or 4 brands our group uses now – and countless more over the years – yours is the only one that really can make a statement. The Clark product DOES NOT SAG – PERIOD. The others can only make claims – but we’ve tried them and they don’t live up to what they claim.

2) This hammock DOES NOT TIP. The bean pods are amazingly forgiving. Even the kids haven’t been able to dump themselves out – and they’re as clumsy and rough as any teenagers. I’m sure that we could make these things drop us if we really try, but why bother? It would be a pointless exercise. They’ve taken everything this crew had to offer and just kept smiling with that wide gaping grin they have.

3) String the bean pods FOR YOUR COMFORT. You don’t have to string them loose and sloppy to be stable. You don’t have to string them high to avoid being on the ground by morning. You don’t have to string the head end way up to avoid standing on your head by morning. No matter what each manufacturer claims, all hammocks feel great when you first lay down. The bean pods feel great in the morning – and that’s how you really measure a hammock.

4) You REALLY CAN GET COMFORTABLE. They don’t sag. They don’t tip you out. You string them to suite your comfort. Go ahead – sit and swing, toss and turn – curl up on your side, lift a knee, whatever. Now that’s what we’ve been asking for the last 35 years.

5) You DON’T HAVE TO FIGHT THE SLEEPING BAG. No more fighting with the sleeping bag when you get into bed. No more sleeping with lumps of bunched up bag right in the small of your back all night. The bag stays pretty well put because you don’t have to raise the head end and you don’t sag. Yes, you still have some fussing with the darn thing. After all, this is not flat ground. The bag does have to try to conform to some shape here. But, there’s no fighting to pull something back up to your shoulders while you’re laying on it with no room to move. You always knew the bag would just slide back down anyway so you just put up with it as long as possible. Man, what an irritation that has always been. Glad it’s gone.

6) The BREATHER REALLY BREATHS. This is the breathable inner liner. Condensation is a real killer in a hammock or bivy. The breather works like a double wall tent. Your moist breath passes through the inner liner and condenses on the outer rain fly where it drips to the ground and not into your sleeping bag. It also works great as a rain guard for those hot afternoon showers we get here in Florida. (I know, not recommended – it’s not water proof. So what – it works.) The rain fly stops the heavy stuff coming down. The liner nails the mist or light rain pushed in by gusts of wind. It won’t take a driving rain, but it handles this situation beautifully. And, you only need to zip up the wind side, making it a lot cooler when you’re riding out the storm. The zippers are sewn below the top of the sides, which allows the rain to just run down and off the outside of the hammock.

7) The ZIPPERS ARE BOMB PROOF. They are nonmetallic so they will not rust or layer with ice in the winter. The tabs are huge. No thin wimps here that you can’t get hold of with gloves or find in the dark. The teeth are monsters. Now these are grabbers. It would take a lot to blow them out. They hold my wife sitting sideways and leaning against the netting. (I know – not recommended. But, it’s what real people do.) And, there are two zippers for the screen and for two for the liner. That means you have a spare to save the day if one blows out. How about that, built super tough and still has a backup.

8) The ropes are EASY TO UNTIE. Any rope is easy to tie. These ropes are easy to untie. This may sound minor, but it’s a real hassle to try pulling knots out with your teeth. None of us use, and do not agree with using, a bowline as recommended for the main lines. A bowline only works well with a single, loose wrap around a tree. Otherwise, using two wraps around the tree, the side with the knot tightens while the other goes slack. We use a double wrap around the tree secured with three half-hitches. We’ve never seen tree hangers use anything else, and have never found anything better over the years. Half hitches can be tied and untied with one hand – in the dark. To untie, simply hold each knot and pull towards the hammock. It will easily loosen for you to pull the line through each knot. Now, we can’t get your super fast set-up times using half-hitches, but we never scar a tree, we never have to check our knots before use and the extra minute or so seems so trivial.

9) This can be a 4 SEASON HAMMOCK. (I know – not recommended) It’s called a jungle hammock. That implies warm weather. It is darned near impossible for a manufacturer to call a hammock a 4 season shelter. OK, we’ve said it and got the manufacturer off the hook. The truth is that tree hangers have been camping out year round for years. So, how do we do it? Just put a wool Army blanket or one of those Indian blankets in the bottom of the hammock before you put in your winter sleeping bag. You’re fighting 360 degree cold in a hammock. The bottom is exposed. You need more insulation. The pockets in this dandy offer another layer. Any gear you put in is just more so. If a blanket has worked for us old folks in other rigs, then this one will be a piece of cake. NO DOUBTS IN OUR MINDS.

10) The POCKETS ARE GREAT. Only one guy in our group thought that this was a worthwhile feature at first. The rest of us thought is was a “so what” gimmick. We knew they would be too small to be effective, and anything you put in them would eat your spine all night. Boy, were we wrong! Clothes, boots, spare gear, whatever. Put it all in the pockets. There’s plenty of room and there’s enough material to let them hang low. You can’t feel a thing inside the hammock. What a great way to change clothes and never touch the dirt. We always brought a string hammock to hang below the sleeping hammock. We always used this for clothes, boots and gear. No more! The bean pods have eliminated a piece of gear – great!!!

Well, there you have it from a group of old tree hangers. Now we have three guys saving their pennies to buy three more bean pods and pass their other hammocks on to the kids (kids can take being folded in half). Thanks for coming up with real solutions. We are so tired of gimmicks. You must have spent a night or two under the stars. Glad you did. Hope to see you on a trail some weekend.

Thanks again,
Terry “TC” Currie
Deltona, Florida