Hammock Features You Need

We want you to love your hammock. Check out five ways that Clark delivers quality: 1. THE BEST SUSPENSION KIT Having the nicest hammock doesn’t mean much if you can’t hang it quickly and easily.  Clark hammocks come with the finest lightweight suspension kit, but getting your hammock in the air is only part of […]

How to insulate and stay warm in hammocks

The key to staying warm in a hammock tent is finding a way to be insulated underneath.   Like camping in ground tents, you are at the mercy of the temperature beneath you.  But it’s even worse because even in the middle of a hot summer you can get frozen in a hammock when a […]

Hammock Tarps – How to choose

When choosing a hammock tarp, start with the obvious: it needs to keep you dry.  Not all hammock tarps can do that reliably, sometimes because they are made in an inferior way from poor materials.  But usually it’s because of the shape of the tarp itself.  Another consideration is the ability of a tarp to […]

What hammock features do I need?

Most hammocks are comfortable.  But that doesn’t mean they are all created equal.  When purchasing a hammock tent, take time to determine what features you need for the type of adventures you are planning. Above all, take these items into consideration: What is the lowest temperature I plan to sleep in? What is the highest […]