When we started making hammocks over 50 years ago, we made a decision to use the best American materials and create durable products that could face anything nature could throw at serious backpackers and military personnel. The result is the most respected solo hammock tent, plus the only 2-person hammocks that provide real comfort for two. Since we invented the camping hammock, you'll benefit from decades of understanding that keep mosquitoes at bay and keep you perfectly comfortable and dry. When you combine that technology with American craftsmanship, you always get these five features you can't live without.


Find the best hammock tents, tarps and hammock insulation.


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We offer hammock tents for two plus hammocks that can go to ground.
Since 1997, Clark has sold the finest hammock tent to a worldwide community of backpackers, military personnel and professionals. We have over fifty years of hammock camping experience and, as a result, your camping hammock will have everything you need.  No one else comes close.  Expect a bed made to reduce stretch, the best mosquito netting, pockets for gear and items you need during the night, plus excellent rain protection.  Furthermore, you will find the very best, easiest to use suspension system on the market.
Customer service is our priority.  We will get you the hammock you need, made in-house in Salt Lake City.  That’s how we can guarantee your satisfaction.   Contact us now with any questions.